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"Such a sensitive player...I would buy a ticket for her concert."

Menahem Pressler

Beaux Arts Trio, Indiana University

"Your playing was so musical, sensitive, and full of color. Your deep understanding of each piece emotionally and structurally was very satisfying to both my heart and my mind. You gave yourself so deeply to the music that I was completely engaged by your performance and very moved by it. Your technique went beyond the typical pianistic virtuosity, displaying incredible tonal control, right down to the softest sounds. We were in a different world by the time you finished, with the audience hushed throughout and lingering in their seats at the end, even though they had deadlines to meet. Thank you for sharing your artistry with us, I would very much enjoy hearing you again."

Karin Edwards, Wheaton College

“I loved the maturity of your Haydn! So well played – sensitive, elegant, and with perfect style, with a deep understanding of the harmonic progressions and formal structure. Bravo! How different was the Liebermann! – exciting, electrifying, and just amazing in so many ways! Your Schumann is outstanding. Truly inspirational performances.”

Slawomir Dobrzanski, The American Prize


"Hyejin Cho played a meticulously controlled Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4, sitting at the piano with a ramrod straight back and looking like a beautiful green icicle. This same icicle melted before our eyes into the Schumann Op 54 concerto and showed us that she is capable of great passion as well."

Hastings Online Times, UK


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