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This project explores women's roles, experiences, and contributions in classical music, encompassing composition, performance, education, and scholarship, with a mission to create an equal platform for women.


Cécile Chaminade

French Composer and Pianist

French female composer-pianist Cécile Chaminade stood as one of the most prominent musical figures and celebrities in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the United States. Her extraordinary success in the U.S. as a French woman composer is particularly noteworthy, especially considering the gender barriers faced by female musicians during that time.


While also recognized in Europe, particularly in France and England, her reception in the U.S. cannot be paralleled to that in Europe. Despite having only one American tour in 1908, enthusiasm for her and her compositions had already taken root in the U.S. more than a decade before the tour.



French female pianist-composer
Cecile Chaminade’s strategies to succeed in American musical culture between 1890-1920

reflected in programmatic character pieces for solo piano

  • The College Music Society South Central Regional Conference

  • Oklahoma State University

  • Truman State University


Hyejin Cho plays Cécile Chaminade

  • YouTube

Works by Chaminade are included in solo recital programs and presented in Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Scarf Dance (Pas des écharpes) - Scene de Ballet, Op. 37 No. 3

Air de Ballet - Pierrette, Op. 41

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